Friday, 8 January 2016

Cottonsocks Needs You!

Hi everyone.

I've kinda abandoned my blog for now as a million other things have taken my attention away. Will i come back to it? I hope so, but for now - and as it has been for a while - posting will be sporadic.

My main reason for coming back today is for some help.

Anyone who has seen my blog will know that I've mentioned starting up my own little sideline. I never really got it off the ground and with one thing and another (life, huh) it just never really happened. Until now!!

Let me just give you a quick recap. February 2014 I got pregnant. I gave birth in November 2014 - hence my busy-ness. Now just before I was due to go on maternity leave my team was outsourced and we were culled. I survived said cull but just before I was due to return, they did it again. I was again safe. Allegedly part of the planned "dream team" but I surprised them all by asking for voluntary redundancy. 

This is a big thing for me. I had worked there 8 years but figured this would happen again and again until there was no one left. Also, my husband earns enough for us to comfortably plod along so I had wiggle room for job hunting etc. But most importantly, the main reason for leaving, is my son. What better time to leave and spend this time with him? I have the luxury of being able to. We can afford to live, all my debts paid off by my redundancy package and even enough left over to still send him to nursery for 3 mornings a week. 

Also, In the meantime, I'd been teaching myself how to sew so I could make Sam dribble bibs, dummy clips etc, for a low cost and have my choice of fabrics. Some that even shops and eBay sellers didnt do. Seeing Sam in his new bits, family and friends began requesting I make them bits for their kids, or for presents. Then their friends caught on. After a while I realised I could make items with the left overs and sell them. Thus Cottonsocks was born. 


We've been steady for the last few months now. I've garnered a few followers on eBay, Etsy and Facebook. A hobby more than anything but now its crunch time. We decided to reassess the job situ in the New Year and here it is.
I -more than anything - want to continue being a stay at home mum. But we could do with a little extra income. I had two choices. One is to push Cottonsocks to be all it can and supplement our income that way, or two, give up my self employment dream to get a part time job elsewhere. This is also the backup plan.

 This is where I need the help. I'm not begging peeps to buy my shizzle. I just need ideas. What are people looking for? What patterns? Colours? Fabrics? Sizes? Any 'out of the box' things that you may think I'm missing a trick on?
I currently mainly do dribble bibs, dummy clips and taggy blankets. My mum chips in and has made some one off tooth fairy pillows, pram plushies and proper dolls. I currently have a list of things people have already suggested. Taggy blankets with clips attached, dribble bibs for older disabled children, coin purses, pillow cases, Disney fabrics etc. 



 (Few examples as modeled by my little brat).

Have a think. I'd really really appreciate any feedback, ideas, suggestions....

Below are the links to my eBay, Etsy and Facebook pages, in case you did wanna have a nose and see what we've currently got.  

Etsy Page

Ebay Page

Facebook Page

Twitter - Cottonsocksstuf

Thank you for your time.

Much love.

Laura x

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